M8 SAC305 T4 No Clean Lead Free Solder Paste

M8 SAC305 T4 No Clean Lead Free Solder Paste

Model Number: m8-sac305-t4-no-clean-lead-free-solder-paste Clock fast Lead Time: In Stock Donwload Data Sheet m8-sac305-t4-no-clean-lead-free-solder-paste

An evolution of the highly successful NC258 platform, M8 brings no clean solder paste performance to the next level. Developed in combination with T4 and finer mesh leaded alloy powders, M8 provides stable transfer efficiencies required for today’s UFP and umBGA devices, reducing DPMO on the most challenging applications.

A novel activator system provides powerful, durable wetting action accommodating a wide range of profiling processes and techniques. M8 activators will reduce wetting related defects such as HiP (head-in-pillow) and provide smooth shiny joints. M8 has reduced BGA and BTC voiding to as low as <5% on BGA and <10% on BTC ground pads.

Product Pricing

Unit Price:
Total: $60.00

Main Features

M8 brings no clean
solder paste performance to
the next level
  • Low Voiding: <5% on BGA and <10% on BTC Components
  • Excellent Print Transfer Efficiencies on 01005 Components
  • Eliminates HiP Defects
  • REACH and RoHS* Compliant
  • Formulated for use with T4 and Finer Powders
  • Approved for use with MPM Enclosed Flow
  • Print Speeds up to 200mm/sec
  • Passes Bono Testing


Parameter Time Temperature
Refrigerated Shelf Life 1 year 0°C-12°C (32°F-55°F)
Unrefrigerated Shelf Life 3 months < 25°C (< 77°F)

Do not add used paste to unused paste. Store used paste separately; keep unused paste tightly sealed with internal plug or end cap in place. See AIM’s paste handling guidelines for further information.


Pre-Reflow: AIM DJAW-10 effectively removes M8 solder paste from stencils while in process. DJAW-10 can be hand applied or used in under stencil wipe equipment. DJAW-10 will not dry M8 and will enhance transfer properties. Do not over-apply DJAW-10. Do not apply DJAW-10 to stencil topside. Isopropanol (IPA) is not recommended in process, but may be used as a final stencil rinse.

Post-Reflow Flux Residue: M8 residues can remain on the assembly after reflow and do not require cleaning. Where cleaning is mandated, AIM has worked closely with industry partners to ensure that M8 residues can be effectively removed with common defluxing agents. Contact AIM for cleaning compatibility information.


Recommended Initial Printer Settings - Dependent on PCB and Pad Design

Parameter Recommended Initial Settings
Squeegee Pressure 0.4 - 0.7kg/25mm
Squeegee Speed 13 – 152 mm/second
Snap-off Distance On Contact 0.00 mm
PCB Separation Distance 0.75 - 2.0 mm
PCB Separation Speed 3 - 20 mm/second