Wave solder pallets

Wave Solder Pallets

2 - 5 Days Service

Because of its cost effectiveness and reliability, wave soldering still remains a popular process used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards to solder through-hole components. Wave solder pallets (also known as wave solder fixtures) are used during wave soldering on circuit boards that require thermal or solder protection. Wave solder pallets are custom made to meet the requirements of a particular job. During manufacturing, material is removed from the pallet in areas where the PCB needs to be exposed to solder. Material is left on the pallet in areas where the PCB needs to be covered in particular areas containing surface mount components, mounting holes, gold fingers and ground planes.

  • Reduces setup time
  • Improves solder flow
  • Reduces bridging and solder skipping
  • Eliminates labor intensive hand masking
  • Reduces board warping
  • Protect heat-sensitive components
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Stencils Unlimited offers prototype and production wave solder pallets. Our production pallets are made with the traditional Durostone® material however, our prototype pallets are made with FR4 (PCB material) to reduce cost and shorten the lead time.

Prototype & Short Run

Material: FR4 Tg180
Starting at: $175
Lead Time: 24-48 hours

Fixtures 02

Short Run & Production

Material: Durostone®
Starting at: $295
Lead Time: 2-5 days

Fixtures 03