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SMT Inspection Templates / Inspection Overlays


Stencils Unlimited offers SMT inspection templates in a variety of materials and thicknesses. We use precision laser cutting technology to produce accurate openings for easy overlay on the assembled printed circuit boards.

  • High Precision laser cutting manufacturing
  • A variety of materials and thicknesses
  • Verifies SMT and PHT component placement
  • Verifies no load and polarities
  • Faster and more accurate than visual inspection
  • Polarity markings and text (e.g. reference designators) can be engraved and/or half-etched


SMT inspection templates are used to perform visual inspection of assembled PCBs. During inspection process, the template is place over the assembled board so the operator can focus their eyes on specific locations to identify missing or mis-aligned SMT and through-hole components.

We need PCB Gerber files to design SMT inspection templates. The following layers are required: Outline layer, soldermask layer, solder paste layer and silkscreen layer.

Placing the inspection template over the assembled board will help:

  • Catch wrong or missing parts early in the production cycle
  • Guide the inspector's eyes to the selected area only
  • Speed up the inspection
  • Reduce new hire training time
  • The process be highly accurate, cost-effective and safe
  • Reduce scrapped parts

We can fabricate stainless steel SMT inspection templates using thicknesses between 0.002" and 0.020".

For a custom quote please email your files to For a custom quote
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Custom Quote
Technology Precision Laser Cutting
Materials Stainless steel *
Lead time 24-48 hours
Material thicknesses 0.002" - 0.020" *
Minimum feature size 0.002" (50 um)
Maximum size 22.5"x29"
Aperture tolerance Within .00025"
Engraving Yes

Preferred Data Formats

There are many forms of acceptable data. The following is a list of data formats that are acceptable for laser design files to be submitted in: Gerber, DXF, HP-GL, and HP-GL2 are the primary formats accepted. Please note that it is a good idea to include a PDF drawing of the data provided for reference. We can always send a check plot before proceeding to manufacture.

*Other materials and thickness available upon request.