Universal Stencils Fixtures

Universal Stencils Fixtures

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The universal stencil fixture was designed to be used with a stainless steel SMT stencil to print solder paste on printed circuit boards. It is recommended for prototype and low volume PCB assembly projects.

Get a Free SMT Stencil and a stainless steel Squeegee Blade with your Universal Stencil Fixture order. Please provide your Gerber files to support@stencilsunlimited.com

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Total: $495.00

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Stencils Unlimited manufactures the universal stencil fixtures in our state-of-the-art facility in Tualatin, Oregon. Our universal stencil fixtures are made to last. They are manufactured with heavy-duty (Electro-Static Discharge) ESD composite materials such as Durostone® and Ricocel.

The universal stencil fixture was cleverly designed to provide the following benefits:
  • Universal board support
  • Designed for double sided PCBs
  • Enhanced registration resulting in better printing
  • Stencil tension resulting in better printing
  • Vertical lift preventing paste smear when removing the stencil
Your prototype stencil fixture order comes with:
  • A board fixture is the base and it is located at the bottom
  • A registration fixture located in the middle between the board and the stencil fixture
  • A stencil fixture holds the SMT stencil and it is located on the top
  • A free stainless steel frameless SMT stencil
  • A free stainless steel squeegee blade

The board fixture contains rubber feet on the bottom side to enable double side printing and prevent the fixture from moving during the print process. It also contains fixed and sliding bars as well as PCB holders to provide universal board support. The fixed and sliding bars have a grid to help position the board on the fixture.

The registration fixture can be rotated or moved vertically and/or horizontally to achieve perfect registration. It comes with powerful magnets to keep the fixture from moving during the printing process.

The stencil fixture has two pullers on the bottom side to provide stencil tension. It also has four levers to enable vertical lift thus preventing paste smear on the PCB. The handles on the top side are used to remove the stencil fixture to access the PCB.