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  • 4 Heads
  • 64 Electric Feeders
  • 6 Cameras
  • Precision Servo Mechanism
  • 0.05 mm Mounting Accuracy
  • 0.01 mm Positioning Accuracy
  • 0.02 mm Repeatability
  • 24h Non-stop Work

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Product Accesories for HW-DU400-64F

Internal Structure

Internal structure

1. Housing
2. Placement Heads
3. Pneumatic Support Bar
4. Safety shield
5. Flexible Silent Cable Carrier
6. Feeder Slots
7. Y Axis Servo Motor
8. Y Axis Ground Ball Screw
9. X Axis Servo Motor
10. Y Axis Linear Motion Guide
11. X Axis Linear Motion Guide
12. X Axis Ground Ball Screw
13. 5MP HD Camera
14. 1MP Fast HD Camera
15. Waiting Area
16. Mounting Area
17. Exit Area


Model HW-DU400-64FX
Number of Placement Heads 4 (high-accuracy)
Number of IC Trays 4
Number of Feeders 64 (subject to 8mm feeder)
Positioning Accuracy 0.01mm
Repeatability 0.02mm
Mounting Speed 12,000 Components per Hour
Component Types Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, ICs, LEDs, Connectors, etc.
Maximum PCB Size 510*450mm
Feeders Electric feeder, pneumatic feeder, vibration feeder, IC tray etc.
Cameras Fiducial Camera x1; High Speed 1 MP Camera x4; High Resolution 5MP Camera x1
Maximum Component Height 20mm
PCB Conveyor Transport Three stage, automatic transport from left to right, automatic PCB positioning
Fiducial Recognition Manual / Automatic
Programming Method Automatic programming after manually importing PCB coordinate files.
Control System Huawei Guochuang control system
Maximum XY Axis Travel 629mm*679mm
Motion System Double linear motion guide + double ground ball screw
Motion Control Sophisticated motion algorithms including advanced acceleration profiles
Control Computer Industrial control computer with Intel high-performance processor
Conveyor Track Adjustment Electric
Power Supply 220V AC, 50Hz
Power Consumption 1.5KW
Air Supply 0.5MPa
Dimensions 1,200mm*1,200mm*1,500mm
Weight 580kg
Industrial computer

Industrial Computer

17-inch display, keyboard and mouse.
User friendly OS preinstalled.
Currently Windows 10; Windows 11 support available in future update.
Easy to understand software that supports vision programming,
file importing and data preparation.

Precision ball screws

Precision Ball Screws and Linear Motion Guides

Imported precision ball srews and linear motion guides ensure long term, maintenance free operation, high accurancy, low running noise and superior machine performance.

High accuracy allows precision mounting of 0201, 0402, QFN, LQFP, BGA and other package types.

High quality motion system allows continuous operation with minimum downtime, resulting in improved productivity.

Durable cable carrier

Durable Cable Carrier and Flexible Cable

Cable carrier is rated for 10 million cycles. Igus flexible cables endure extreme temperatures and resist torsional flex problems.
These high quality cables ensure reliable connections during repeated high speed motion profiles.

Six hd cameras

Precision Ball Screws and Linear Motion Guides

A 5MP distortion free camera is used for mounting chips and other large components.
Four high speed 1MP cameras are used to ensure proper.
placement of smaller components.
Fiducial recognition camera is mounted on placement head.

Typical Components

You can reliably place components as small as 0201.
In addition, you can place 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, etc.
Place SOT, SOP, TSOP, LPFQ, QFN, etc.
Place BGAs with lead pitch > 0.3 mm pitch.
BGAs must be smaller than 40*40 mm.

Typical components