Stainless Steel SMT Stencil

Model Number: SS-STENCIL

Our stainless steel stencils were specially designed for the Maker’s market so everyone can have access to a high quality SMT stencil at a low price.

  • Eliminates tedious hand soldering of prototype PCB boards
  • Reduce PCB prototype assembly time
  • Better quality than a Mylar or Kapton stencil
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Stainless Steel Stencils are laser cut SMT stencils custom-made for your own prototype PCB boards using your Gerber or CAD files.

Main Features

Reduce PCB
prototype assembly time
  • Eliminate (reduce) the tedious error-prone process of hand soldering your prototype circuit boards.
  • Improve quality of your prototype printed circuit boards
  • Lower cost than production stencil
  • Easy to order


Technology Used To Make The Stencils 100% Laser Cut (Using our Laser Cutting Services)
Material Used Stainless Steel
Stencil Thickness .004 and .005 inches
Minimum Cut width .0025 Inches
Maximum Size 10”x10” Inches
Aperture Tolerance Within .00025 Inches