Framed UltraSlic™ Stencils

Framed UltraSlic™ Stencils

Model Number: ultraslic Clock fast Lead Time: 48-Hour Turn

An alternative to Electroform Stencil, UltraSlic™.
UltraSlic™ FG outperforms all other existing stencil technologies on the market today, and it can be shipped in 48 hours turnaround times.

  • Fine Grain stainless steel with superior fatigue strength, super smooth surface and elevated wear factor
  • Superior paste release below surface area ratios of 0.5
  • Higher performance and lower cost compared to electroform, the option of step stencils
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The UltraSlic™ high performance stencil technology has become the preferred choice when printing assemblies with challenging miniature components. The addition of a permanent, hydrophobic nano-coating to the UltraSlic™ stencil foil minimizes the ability of solder paste to stick to the stencil apertures and the bottom side of the foil. With the new nano-coating, up to a 10X increase in the number of prints before cleaning the stencil is possible, as well as successful printing at surface area ratios below 0.45.

The UltraSlic™ Stencil is the first laser-cut, solder paste stencil that has paste release performance comparable to electroform technology, yet can be cut and shipped the same day the order is placed. UltraSlic™ Stencils incorporate the latest advancements in stencil laser technology along with a new, cutting-edge Fine Grain stencil material from Datum Alloys.UltraSlic™ Stencils have lower standard deviations, higher repeatability and cleaner release of solder paste compared to other stencil technologies.

A more consistent solder paste deposition, as well as a reduction in stencil cleaning frequency and rework results in higher yields and tremendous throughput improvements.

Finer Printing

For solder paste you will see improved print quality and release and especially with paste types 6, 7 and 8 where PSD can be as low as 1 or 2 microns

Super Smooth

Super smooth surface technology, coupled with our unique wetcoat treatment results in a stencil substrate that will out-print any material on the market.

UltraSlic™ Stencils

are laser cut solder paste stencil foils permanently mounted in a stencil frame using a mesh border to tightly stretch the stencil foil taut in the frame.


Technology 100% Laser cut
Material Used Fine Grain Stainless Steel
Suitable Application Surface area ratios down to 0.45
Positional Accuracy ± 0.008%
Aperture Dimensional Tolerances ± 8µ (0.0003")
Standard Material Thicknesses Available 0.003”, 0.004", 0.005", 0.006" Other thicknesses are available on request.