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Selective Solder Fixtures
Selective solder fixtures are specialized fixtures used in electronics manufacturing to support and protect printed circuit boards (PCBs) during the selective soldering process. Selective Soldering is a process of selectively soldering through-hole components to a printed circuit board using a selective soldering machine. Unlike a wave solder machine, a selective solder machine has a miniature wave that can be programmed to solder one through-hole component at the time.
  • Process multiple individual boards at the same time (e.g., small boards that should have been panelized).
  • Reduce board warping (e.g., thin or flimsy boards).
  • Eliminate flooding problems.
  • Improve soldering quality.
  • Ensure repeatable process results.
  • Reduce setup time.
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Wave Solder Pallets
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Wave solder pallets are specialized fixtures used in the electronics manufacturing industry. They are used during the wave soldering process to mask areas of the printed circuit boards that require thermal or solder protection. These areas usually contain SMT components, ground planes, connectors, gold fingers and/or mounting holes.
  • Protect heat-sensitive components
  • Improve solder flow
  • Eliminate solder skipping
  • Eliminates hand masking
  • Reduces board warping
  • Reduces soldering defects and rework
  • 5% Discount, 2-5 Units
  • 7.5% Discount, >5 Units
  • 10% Discount, >10 Units
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  • Material Thickness: 6mm, 8mm and 12mm
  • # of Hold Downs: $2.00 each
  • Stiffener Bars: $40 - $80
  • Pallet Size: Pallet Width x Pallet Length (see price table)
  • Top Hat: $150 - $300
  • # of Shoulder Bolts: $1.00 each
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Prototype SMT Stencil Fixture
The Prototype SMT Stencil Fixture was designed to function as a prototype stencil printer. It is recommended for prototype and low volume PCB assembly projects.
  • Adjustable board support.
  • Designed for double sided PCBs.
  • Enhanced registration resulting in better printing.
  • Stencil tension resulting in better printing.
  • Vertical lift to prevent the solder paste from smearing when removing the stencil.
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Stencil Kit
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Custom Reball Screen
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Expedite Fee
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Design Fee
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CNC Machining
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